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Uluslararası Hasta Destek Birimi Tercümanlık ve Çağrı Merkezi

     Plateau Tourism

Our country , with its appropriate climatic characteristics and outstanding landscape values, the traditional way of life in which rural elements are dominant and suitable fields for the nature sports mountaineering / climbing, equestrian nature trip, paragliding,  trekking, flora/fauna study, jeep safari, etc., is very convenient for the plateau tourism.

In our country instead of plateau oriented tourism development, plateaus which support other types of tourism and evaluated as supporting elements, with the goal of prolonging the duration of stays, plateau tourism  planning strategy in which development /action zones are defined; is adopted by the Ministry

General Criterias in the selection of Plateau tourism centers

·         Richness of the potential aimed at natural values

·         Having civil architectural character

·         Easy access to city-centre

·         Local people’s structure  closeness to tourism

·         Sustainability of activity economically

·         The availability of integration with other kinds of tourism


·         Ensuring taking a share of tourism revenues of rural people

·         right to take a share of tourism revenues of rural residents

·         Creation of economically convenient  mountain tourism centers for tourism investors

·         Determination of tourist profile which will be directed to plateau tourism